Dear participants,

We have reserved places for participants of the Conference in a nice Hostel&Apartments place near the Old Town to give you a chance to live close to each other and spend more time networking.

Please take into your consideration that there is a high season in May here in Krakow that is why it will be quite hard to find a good place for a good price.

Below you have some images of the place and prices for May.

There are appartments:

Big room apartments -200 PLN for the room (2 beds+big sofa+table+ TV+ wardrobe+bathroom+kitchen)

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Small room apartments -150 PLN for the room (2 beds+small sofa+table+ TV+ wardrobe+bathroom+kitchen)

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There are also beds in dorms with shared bathroom and kitchen:

Bed in 4-beds-room – 50 PLN for a bed;

Bed in 6-beds-room – 42 PLN for a bed.









This cosy place is equiped with a couple of kitchens and has a nice social room for group meetings, so it is ideal for after-conference networking. The sanitary conditions are also good standard.

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The place is situated near Filharmonia (10 min walk to the Main Square). That is a perfect place for meeting during our cultural week-end after the conference. Please see the draft cultural program here.

If you are interested to live with the rest of the group of conference participants, please mention it in the Participant Details Form.